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Choosing the Right CMS for Your Website

Let’s face it, 99% of business owners (or people) in the world do not know what “CMS” means. Its acronym stands for Content Management System. A great CMS is a software program that allows a developer to build a gorgeous website that can be customized so the site also ranks for buying keywords in a layout that brings in the highest amount of conversions.

There are many CMS’ out there that limit the aforementioned items, which means you usually hire someone and get a so-so website that never brings in any customers. Its software limitations are so broad that customization for SEO is nearly impossible.

What about Content?

A great CMS allows anyone with administrative access (and hopefully the right knowledge) to add valuable content, editing capabilities and publishing to the Internet. It gives you the option to post and schedule content, as well as add full search engine optimization (SEO) ahead of time. Poor systems force you to add content, optimize it and post it at that moment. This is very inconvenient and doesn’t offer strategic planning for holidays, days your office is closed or when there isn’t enough time to get the work done.

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Organization and Categorization Matters

When a site is built well, it’s structured with specific categories that have been researched first by an experienced SEO and then added to the site’s back end. After the website is designed for the highest conversions (sales or leads) and the categories are organized in a particular order, all of the content and images are uploaded and optimized with very strict guidelines. These guidelines are critical so the website ranks as quickly as possible, which means more sales or leads happen sooner.

What CMS Does Digital Media Cube Use?

We choose the top-leading CMS in the world, and it’s called WordPress. Over 100,000 WordPress sites are added to the Internet across the globe every single day. As of today, there are 77,000,000 WordPress sites online, and that number is growing exponentially.

WordPress Live

Look at how many developers and people are posting, commenting and liking content on WordPress sites across the world in realtime…

WordPress statistics

WordPress sites are written in over 120 languages, including: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Italian, German, and other popular dialects. Any type of industry can be built using WordPress, and its customization means we can make a website do almost anything we want it to for our business owners.

WordPress Responsive Mobile Themes

Is WordPress a blog or Website

Digital Media Cube’s developers have been building WordPress sites for 20 years. Our experienced team of online marketers uses the WordPress CMS to build an actual site, but we also add a blog. This means we build static pages to your website, but we also add a blog and add daily or weekly posts. This strategy works extremely well for our business owners. No longer do you need a website and separate blog, which means you save a lot of money having one site and even more by not needing a ton of backlinks. We explain this strategy in more detail to our paid members of Digital Media Cube through our monthly video training.

Is it Secure?

WordPress is extremely secure with Digital Media Cube, because we maintain and update WordPress and the plugin software updates, host the site on a network optimized for WordPress, provide daily backups of every site for the last 30 days, and we guarantee compatibility with future WordPress software versions and plugins. Often, we use premium plugins, not just free plugins. These are also included with your site and blog for a low monthly fee.

Since we manage and maintain the build of the site, content and SEO, we keep it secure. No one has access to the site except Digital Media Cube, because a successful business is one that trusts and lets us concentrate on your Internet marketing strategy…while you focus on your customers and building relationships.

Major Players Using WordPress

We’ve done our research, and here are some comforting facts to help you understand how solid this CMS business model is online today.

The following are just some of the businesses that use WordPress every single day.

  • CNN
  • UPS
  • NBC Sports
  • CBS Radio
  • Major League Baseball
  • National Football Leauge
  • TechCrunch
  • TED

Does Google Like WordPress?

That’s a great question! Google LOVES WordPress sites because they are built for content, and Google loves unique content that’s optimized for consumers well. Just look at Google Trends and see how WordPress beats the competition!

Google CMS Trends

Currently, there are over 13.1 billion pages viewed on WordPress sites every single month and almost 39 million posts and 50 million comments made, too. If Google didn’t love WordPress and its content, these numbers wouldn’t be so staggering.

WordPress Layouts and Customization

Digital Media has hand chosen highly converting layouts that will also rank for any business’ keywords with our advanced online marketing strategy and unique content written by our professionals. When you become a member, you can choose from a selection of layouts that will work well for your particular business. If you want to update your layout and add something custom, members receive a discounted hourly programming rate so it’s affordable to make your site look and feel exactly like you desire.

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