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Search Engine Optimization is Here to Stay—So Should Your Business

If you’ve been approached by other companies for SEO services, you’re not alone. Digital Media Cube never approaches business owners. We get clients organically online using SEO and social media. Word of mouth brings us referrals every month.

Without SEO, local marketing is nearly impossible to target b2c customers or b2b customers. Business marketing through direct mail for most types of business owners no longer brings in the return on investment (ROI) it did just five short years ago.

Local marketing has changed, and so should your business model. There are many aspects of search engine optimization today, and Digital Media Cube makes sure our customers stay on top of the Internet marketing education curve.

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Keeping Up with the Search Engines

Not only do our customers keep up with the search engines, social media, mobile advertising and website layout trends, many of them take advantage of our “we do it for you services,” which includes SEO services each and every month through one of our beautiful websites. Our available websites are handpicked to convert (make sales) and rank well.

The SEO training we provide has videos for beginners, but we offer more advanced strategies other SEO agencies don’t want you to know. They keep you in the dark and charge you a literal fortune by doing this, and we want to put an end to these unethical Internet marketing tactics.

Whether you’re a local business owner that consists of one person, to a medium-sized business with 10-100 employees, or a corporation with 1,000s of employees, Digital Media Cube can give your team the proper training and take your business to the next level.

Or, you can hire us as an SEO consultant and we’ll get you started in the right direction by training your team. Either way, you won’t be in the dark again and the business savings long term will be in the thousands.

Stop the Confusion and Learn the Facts

Search engine optimization is more than just a title tag and meta description. It’s more than backlinks, which has changed tremendously with the Google algorithm update called Penguin that took millions sites’ rankings down to zero.

Before optimizing any website, the most critical factor is to know your demographic. This doesn’t mean understanding where they live, but go deeper into their age, gender, income, whether or not they have children, etc. That’s just the first step to a long process that makes a business owner more net profit.

When we work with you directly, we ask a series of critical questions before we begin our detailed research. Depending upon the size of your website (pages), services and/or products offered, our research is intensive and thorough. Foregoing this process means your business does not have the best chance for success with your online marketing campaign.

Do you know which keyword will bring you in more customers?

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What about…

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We do. Our paid tools tap into Google’s database and provide detailed results that make you money. After eight years of using our very specific process, by the time we build your responsive site, add the SEO, unique content and manage your social media campaigns, you’ll be well on your way to getting buying customers.

 What’s in a Website?

A website is not just a website. It’s your office. It’s where potential customers walk in the door and look around. They have questions—and they want answers. Are you answering their questions? Are you answering them well enough so they stick around and hand you their credit card? Or are they “bouncing” from your site by hitting the BACK button and looking for the next listing on Google? Don’t let them walk out the “door.”

Unless you’ve been taught every nuance of the online marketing business, you won’t know the answers to these technical questions regarding how a site should be built on the back end, either. How often do you look at your Google Analytics data to see where customers are leaving on your site? Do you know why they left…or better yet, do you know how to fix the problem?

Whether you are looking for SEO services or SEO training, you’re in the right place. Digital Media Cube has over eight years of experience in this industry, and we’ve tested, tweaked and perfected the best business marketing strategy. We can take any type of business online and improve its conversions (sales).

How Long Will it Take?

If we build your site, you’re ahead of millions on the Internet today that get zero traffic and sales. Why? Because we build it from the bottom up. The foundation of every site is the most important aspect. Our experienced WordPress developers not only know how to build a beautiful design, but we hand-selected layouts that will rank easier with our SEO techniques.

If you have a website already and need SEO consulting, keep in mind that depending upon the current condition of your site, it will take time to turn it around if inexperienced online marketing “experts” have done bad things to hurt your reputation in Google’s eyes. Based on our analysis and recommendations, we can give you an estimate of how long it will take to increase your site’s rankings and get more buyers…before you invest one dollar.

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It’s important to take a look at the adverse data affecting your SEO rankings. A great first step is getting a free website audit report, which is regularly $97–for free. Just enter your information below and a report will be sent right to your Inbox.

If you have any questions about your SEO or report, just give us a call at (858) 215-2572 for a free consultation.

Get a Free Website
Audit Report in 60 Seconds.

Enter Your Website Address Below to Get a Full,
In-Depth SEO Report and Tips.

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