Are You Tired Of Losing Money?

Learn The Secrets That Those Marketing Experts Aren’t Telling You

From The Desk Of: Adrienne DeVita

Dear Tired Business Owner,

Mind if we ask you a few things?

  1. Are you PAYING some “expert” to do the marketing for your website?
  2. Are you tired of seeing little to no results? And hearing this: “these things just take some time.”
  3. Are you actually seeing results, BUT paying an arm and a leg on a monthly basis? Or…
  4. Need some help getting your website some traffic AND can’t afford to pay someone else to do it for you?
  5. Are you just plain TIRED?

Only you know the answers to these questions, and we aren’t asking you to tell us either.

Hi, Digital Media Cube here with an important message…

Whoa, that almost sounded like a television commercial right there.

What we are asking you to do is read every single word here because it just may be the answer you have been searching for.

It just may be the answer you have been praying for.

See, you either are paying someone to do this whole marketing thing for you or have been trying to do it yourself, BUT the problem is your running out of one or two things (probably both):

#1:  Money

#2:  Patience

What if we told you that we have the solution for you?

Would you listen?

Well, would you?

The solution is, drumroll please…..

Our Do-It-Yourself That Doesn’t Feel Like Do-It-Yourself Internet Marketing Course

Please understand that one of the biggest problems with do-it-yourself courses is you are left to what?

YES!  Do It Yourself!

That wasn’t a trick question by the way.

And the problem with that is you are left with some missing pieces, so you try to Do It Yourself, and what happens?

That’s right, you try, you figure some things out, can’t figure out others and get frustrated and walk away…you come back, then you try, get some stuff, then get stuck and walk away…then you feel bad because you paid good money, so you come back to it…

…and on and on it goes…

Are you feeling like you are running on a hamster wheel right about now?

What you need is a training program that’s an ACTUAL Internet marketing training program.

You need a do-it-yourself marketing program that’s not ACTUALLY do-it-yourself.

What you need is a program that’s more do-it-yourself-but-if-you-get-stuck-we’ll-help-you program.

Got it?

So why Digital Media Cube’s Internet Marketing Training Program?

How about the fact that Adrienne DeVita, CEO of Digital Media Cube, has already trained over 19,000 students online.

Yeah, 19 thousand…19 with three zeros…

So yeah, pretty sure she can train you as well.

Here’s some things you can expect to get from this training…

  • GET FREE TRAFFIC from a source you know of but may not even be using OR not using to its full potential
  • MAKE MORE SALES by doing ONE thing (Hint: This won’t be any extra work)
  • RANK like crazy using FREE sites

Need some proof that THIS is the training program and TRAINER you have been looking for?

“Adrienne is a very hard working and talented SEO specialist. We were lost in the dark about SEO until we started working with her. In addition to SEO she has some excellent marketing skills. If you are looking for a specialist that will care about your business as much as you do then look no further.”

— Ken Carlos, Owner of SweepsAdvantage

“Adrienne DeVita is an experienced PPC and SEO professional with a proven track record of improving clients’ revenues through the use of her expertise. Her communication style is open and friendly while sharing rich and detailed information. As a business partner, she shares my high standards for honesty, service delivery and customer satisfaction. I look forward to our professional association into the future.”

— Carl Loop, Owner – Global Business Builders

“I have spent many years and lots of wasted money trying to market my dental office in the online market. After speaking with Adrienne DeVita, I soon realized how ineffective my current online marketing strategy was. I was paying a company a lot of money for absolutely nothing in return.

Adrienne has unbelievable knowledge and understanding of the SEO market. In a very short period of time, my business gained solid rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo and she has been able to maintain them. She was able to increase our revenue from online sources in only a few weeks, and I made my money back in just 6 weeks. I continue to hire her for unique content and optimization, as well as my social directory listings to bring my rankings up for many keywords in the #1 position.

She is a very dedicated and passionate person and will go the extra mile to make sure she has created the best possible opportunities for your business. I strongly recommend Adrienne and her vast expertise with Search Engine Marketing to build your online marketing strategy from the ground up.”

— Derek B. Hauser, DDS

Owner of Lakefront Family Dentistry (Lake Elsinore, CA)


For the low cost of $47 per month, you’ll have full access to:

  • All of our training videos, with new ones added EVERY month
  • Beginner training videos if you are completely new to online marketing
  • Regular Q & A webinars where you can ask ANY questions that you may have
  • Our full list of recommended tools
  • And much more…

We can’t keep the price this low for much longer.

As we get closer to our maximum capacity, we’ll need to increase the price to $97, but for now we are keeping it at a lower price because we understand the frustration people feel trying to DO-IT-THEMSELVES.

The price may go up next week, so DON’T delay if you have been on the fence.

If you are currently seeing the lower price, then you are in luck, BUT don’t put it off much longer.

Once the price goes up, we won’t bring it back down.

Look, we know that cost can be a barrier and you want to know that you are getting something you can actually start using today, so what we are going to do is take on ALL OF THE RISK.


We are giving you a 7-day free trial BEFORE you get billed.

Did you catch that?  It’s not a bogus trial where you already get billed right away, but can cancel.

That’s ridiculous if you ask us.

A trial should be JUST THAT – A Trial.

Which means Don’t Charge Me Till It’s Done

And we won’t.

Sign up for the FREE trial, did we mention it’s free?

Sign up for 7 days and test drive the program.  See if it works for you.

See if it “Fits.”

If it doesn’t then just cancel it before the 7 days is up, because we won’t bill you till the 8th day.

Yeah, we’re serious.

We stand behind our stuff, because we ABSOLUTELY believe in it.

And even if you do sign up and find it’s not for you, then let us know and we’ll give you your money back – No questions asked, Money Back guarantee if for whatever reason you aren’t satisfied.


We’ve taken ALL of the risk out of this for you.

There’s not much left that we can say to convince you, but if you’ve read this far, then we know that you get “it.”

Click Here Now To Sign Up For Your Free 7-Day Trial

We know that you understand that you can’t easily rank your site like people used to.

You get that better rankings and better marketing could mean the difference in your sales.

One of the other reasons the price is so low is because we’re business owners just like you are.

We have families that we have to feed just like you do.

We understand that we both win at a low cost like that.

We both win.

We honestly don’t know how much longer we can keep the price this low, or how many more trial subscriptions we can give out, so please take advantage of this today.

P.S.  As a business owner, having your site ranked at the top for your industry means you’ll FINALLY have peace of mind knowing that you won’t constantly have to market your products or services.  What’s that peace of mind worth to you?  We’re guessing more than a few bucks.

P.P.S.  If you have ever worried about having the security your business needed to bring in buying customers and clients on a regular basis, then you know just how VALUABLE this kind of information is.  Can you really afford to pass on it.

P.P.P.S  There’s really no risk here.  You are on the winning end of this deal either way.  Sign up and you get the information without getting charged.  Become a member and if you want your money back we’ll refund you.  What else can we say except…

Click Here Now To Sign Up For Your Free 7-Day Trial