Business Strategy Consulting Report

Increase Your Business’ Chance of Success Up to 95%

Would you like to know exactly how to beat your competitor and have a detailed blueprint to follow that works when you implement every step?

Digital Media Cube spends one full week using our premium tools to analyze the competition, so you can succeed online.

Here is the Table of Contents for a 71-page report we completed for a client who wanted to know how to build his new website architecture (URLs), along with the right keywords and social media platforms his niche needs to rank either locally or nationwide.

Table of Contents

Client Information
1            High Authority Domains
1.2         Lead Generation & Conversion Improvements
1.2.1      Opt-in
1.2.2      Social Widget Placement
1.2.3      SEO SILOs & Placement for Rankings

1.3         Geo-Targeting
1.3.1      Google My Business & Yelp
1.3.2      Additional Cities

1.4         Infusionsoft

2.0         You vs. the Competition
3.0         Keyword Data & AdWords
4.0         Content Strategy
4.1.1      Monthly Content Strategy
4.1.2      Internal Linking Structure
4.1.3      Call to Action
4.1.4      Tracking & Analytics
4.1.5      Blog Permalink Structure

5.0         Niche Strategy and Keyword Research
6.0         SILO & URL Structure

7.0         Title & Metadata

8.0         Linkbuilding

9.0         Press Release

10.0       Social Media

11.0       Video Marketing

12.0       Summary

If you want to get ahead of the competition and increase your business’ chance of success by 95% online, then order your business strategy consulting report today.

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