Below are the services that are available to Digital Media Cube members at a significantly reduced cost. When you become a member, you will be able to view pricing information for each of these items.

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DMC Membership

Learn how to build your online business the right way. We've removed all the barriers to entry for local business owners and their employees. Learn online marketing strategies the right way. Members enjoy our rewards program by receiving 50% off on monthly websites and additional value-added services that bring you paying customers. Keep up with Google, Social Media, Paid Advertising, Mobile and more each month so you stay ahead of the competition.


Digital Media Cube offers local business owners gorgeous, highly converting sites built with our advanced SEO strategies. Start getting more customers and revenue from your website. It's not just a calling card--it's your business.

Add More Content

Add more pages of content to your site so you rank faster. You get 500 words of unique content, uploaded to your site with SEO and internal links.

Customize Your Site

Our team of web WordPress developers are the top in the USA. We can also customize your current site. Give us a call at (858) 215-2572 for a free quote.

Facebook Management
Monthly Subscription

We will manage your business Facebook page and add 3 posts per week, Monday through Friday.

Google+ Management
Monthly Subscription

We will manage your Google + business page and add 3 posts per week, Monday through Friday.

Twitter Management
Monthly Subscription

We will manage your Twitter business page and add 3 posts per week, Monday through Friday.

Yelp Business Listing
One-Time Setup Package

Need a new Yelp business listing that's optimized for the highest clicks and conversions? We'll do all the market research and write the copy that gets you found on Yelp, which has over 100 million users searching for local businesses every day!

I Already Have Content for My DMC Site - I Need SEO and Uploading to My Site

In order to maintain the integrity and safety of your site, DMC is the only one who has access to your site. Not only do you need unique SEO content, but you also need it uploaded and fully optimized with the best internal linking structure to rank your static pages and home page.

If you have your own content, it must be 500 words or more if you want to get the most rankings for it, as well as written for a specific service or product you offer that has its own, dedicated page on your site. We will take your article and upload it to your DMC site with full SEO. You are hiring us for our experience in knowing how to optimize it, time to upload it and add the right internal keywords/anchor text links.

Content Creation Needed for a Non-DMC Website

If you already have a website but need 100% unique content for your market, we will write 500-700 words of unique content for your pages. This includes detailed site analysis, an initial phone call to learn more about your business and keyword research and content written for SEO. We do not upload any content to your site.

AdWords (PPC) New Account Setup

As Certified Google AdWords Specialists, we manage over $1 Million in AdSpend each month. Let us help reduce your cost per click and increase conversions for your business.

Keywords are not all sent to the home page, so if you are unsure whether or not your site qualifies, please call us at (858) 215-2572. We will analyze your site and even look at your current campaigns and let you know how we can help.

If you need more pages on your site, you can hire us at an additional cost to make them so they convert well if your site is not built correctly for AdWords.

Hire CEO, Adrienne DeVita - Consulting

In 11 years, Adrienne has helped large corporations, medium and small business owners bring in over $30 million in revenue.