I have spent many years and lots of wasted money trying to market my dental office in the online market. After speaking with Adrienne DeVita, I soon realized how ineffective my current online marketing strategy was. I was paying a company a lot of money for absolutely nothing in return.

Adrienne has unbelievable knowledge and understanding of the SEO market. In a very short period of time, my business gained solid rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo and she has been able to maintain them. She was able to increase our revenue from online sources in only a few weeks, and I made my money back in just 6 weeks. I continue to hire her for unique content and optimization, as well as my social directory listings to bring my rankings up for many keywords in the #1 position.

She is a very dedicated and passionate person and will go the extra mile to make sure she has created the best possible opportunities for your business. I strongly recommend Adrienne and her vast expertise with Search Engine Marketing to build your online marketing strategy from the ground up.

— Derek B. Hauser, DDS
Owner of Lakefront Family Dentistry (Lake Elsinore, CA)

Adrienne DeVita possesses a unique combination of traits that include total devotion to her craft, impeccable integrity, and loyalty to her clients. Adrienne routinely provides in-depth and ahead-of-the-curve expertise and information to my firm that allows long term and documented positive Google search results.

Instead of quick fix and short term solutions, my firm has obtained an online visibility and rock solid Google credibility that is unmatched. This was made possible by Adrienne Devita’s dedication and expertise. Adrienne is not just an SEO expert – she is the Google SEO expert who is always Google compliant and always utilizes ‘white-hat’ techniques.

— David Balkan
Owner of Joseph L. Balkan, Inc. (New York City)
Andrea Nyseth

Adrienne worked with us on a consultative basis on a variety of projects. She has high-end SEO and PPC knowlege along with training expertise. If you are looking for results, Adrienne is your person!

— Andrea Nyseth
Executive Vice President of Operations - Entrepreneurial Advantage, LLC
Michael Karlan

We set up our initial pay per click campaign ourselves.  Over time, however, the market became increasingly competitive and sophisticated, and we found ourselves getting lower placements.

We then hired a pay per click management company to maintain a constant watch on our campaign.  Unfortunately, the results were disappointing.  Although this company was constantly adjusting our campaign, it did not ultimately reduce our cost per conversion.

Then we found Adrienne DeVita.  She shares our focus on minimizing our cost for each sale that we bring in through our pay per click campaign.  She does this through strategies such as effectively writing and then constantly testing ad copy, shutting down poorly performing keywords and campaigns, and calculating our return on investment on a keyword level.

We strongly recommend Adrienne.  She is a dedicated, hardworking and committed individual.  Most importantly, however, she is consistently improving our return on investment on our pay per click campaign.

— Michael Karlan
President - ProsintheCity

In an industry filled with charlatans and the less than knowledgeable, Adrienne is a shining star. Her insight, experience and intelligence makes the otherwise complicated field of Search Engine Marketing accessible to her lucky clientele. Always going the extra mile, her attention to detail is astounding (a critical component of good SEO). I would recommend Adrienne DeVita to all those that would like to increase their website exposure with the best possible ROI and do it while working with an consummate professional.

— Brian Scherr
Owner of Scherr Technology
George Gerbasi

As the internet marketing world is filled with crooked and unscrupulous people, Adrienne DeVita is a breath of fresh air! Her integrity, tremendous knowledge, and passion in conveying information to others is unmatched and a rare find. Her expertise in PPC and SEO marketing makes me think she almost possesses a sixth sense for all this. She contains extensive knowledge on optimization, calculating ROI, tracking, and much more for all online marketing channels. Adrienne, you will always be my “go-to” person for my online business! Thanks!!

— George Gerbasi
President/Owner at GSG Property Investments
Vikas Bhatia

Adrienne DeVita is a true Entrepreneur and problem solver, with an extremely analytical mind to bring in the most revenue for any market online today. She is a very honest individual with a warm and catchy personality. She is a true Leader with advanced experience in all things related to conversions, SEO and PPC. She has taken these skill sets and taught many new entrepreneurs Online Marketing, using extremely successful strategies that are 100% Google compliant. I have known Adrienne for a few years now and I strongly recommend anyone seeking to succeed online to seek out her services.

— Vikas Bhatia
Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder at Ultimate Virtual Employee
Wes Hamel

Adrienne DeVita’s talents, expertise, insight and carefully planned Search Engine Marketing methodologies help create profitable advertising machines. Having a website today is great for businesses (large or small), but without the right tools it is just another website in a sea of millions.

Adrienne DeVita was able to take our Google Adwords Campaign and SEO (search engine optimization) to a whole new level. We have brought in more business online with her PPC setup and SEO than we have with any other type of marketing venue previously used.

I have worked with several large marketing companies in the past and never acquired the profitable results that I received from PPCRep. If you are a company looking to improve your AdWords or SEO campaigns, I would definitely recommend PPCRep.com for your Search Engine Marketing advertising.

— Wes Hamel
Marketing Director for PCO Central

Adrienne is a very hard working and talented SEO specialist. We were lost in the dark about SEO until we started working with her. In addition to SEO she has some excellent marketing skills. If you are looking for a specialist that will care about your business as much as you do then look no further.

— Ken Carlos
Owner of SweepsAdvantage
Joseph Paglinawan

Adrienne possesses the expertise, work ethics, and motivation that any business would appreciate. Her determination to meet deadlines and ensure client satisfaction are second to none. I was fortunate to have consulted with Adrienne regarding full SEO, proper website structure, individual landing page themes, conversions and expert techniques to obtain organic traffic. If you expect nothing less than first rate for your business at an exceptional price, look no further.

— Joseph Paglinawan
IT Service Manager, Cross-functional Project Manager, Business Analyst, SME Consultant, Community Leader, Startup CEO
Andy Huang

Adrienne is very passionate & knowledgeable when it comes to internet marketing. I have the opportunity to work with her developing training materials and supported a large group of students during our time together. She is not only detail oriented, and very customer centric. Every project and training material we worked on, she ensure clients/students received guidance and personal support every step of the way.

I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a top notch data driven marketer to work with to reach out to Adrienne. She is extremely knowledge, organized, and most importantly, data focus on delivering positive ROI for her clients.

— Andy Huang
VP of Business Development
Lawrence Kornit

Adrienne is not your typical Network Analyst, she actually cares about the client. She understands the ramifications of users who are not able to do what they need to and focuses on the problem until it is fixed. She understands what revenue impacting is. She is not just technical, she is creative, understands the bottom line and how technology impacts it. I would recommend Adrienne to any client or company who needs a sharp focused individual to get the job done and get it done right!

— Lawrence Kornit
Director Client Support and Services
Carl Loop

Adrienne DeVita is an experienced PPC and SEO professional with a proven track record of improving clients’ revenues through the use of her expertise. Her communication style is open and friendly while sharing rich and detailed information. As a business partner, she shares my high standards for honesty, service delivery and customer satisfaction. I look forward to our professional association into the future.

— Carl Loop
Owner - Global Business Builders
CK Lin

Put it simply, Adrienne is a straight shooter. She knows what she is talking about and she will let you have it straight. But, don’t let her blunt comments intimidate you. She has a heart of gold. I am confident that by implementing her strategies I will be able to get great results sooner than later. Adrienne has my high recommendation.

— CK Lin
Entrepreneur | Product Strategy, Product Development
Robert Metras

As a marketer myself I attended several of Adrienne’s presentations as she has a fountain of knowledge that she shares easily with others. I found her personable and a go to person for my SEO and PPC activity. She is not just a teacher but practices what she preaches to the benefit of her students and clients.

— Robert Metras
Marketing Consultant, Digital Marketing Strategist, Local Search Marketing Expert
Sohail Kayani

Words cannot describe the remarkable experience I had working on Adrienne’s project together with her. It was the best project I’ve ever worked on during my career. She did not ask for a testimonial, but it was only correct to let others know what happened during our project time together.

Adrienne is a person I will always admire and look up to in my my life, due to the additional benefits that arose from our working relationship (which I did not expect).

She went out of her way, without my even asking, to provide me with critical SEO advice that helped me get more business. When I asked why she was helping me, Adrienne mentioned it was because I was fair, honest and hard working…traits she holds true to give to her own clients and in her personal life.

Having strict professionalism and honesty, she works quite hard on her projects and is extremely fair and trustworthy.

I will always seek SEO and social media marketing strategies from Adrienne now, since the results and guidance she provided helped bring my income to the next level.

It is a great honor to know her and provide her with my videographer services. Adrienne is profound expert in SEO, SEM, PPC, online marketing and all types of online advertisement.

Words cannot describe her, and I am thankful to have made such a passionate, kind friend from our time together as well. Thank you Adrienne; you chose to connect with me and I know I am lucky to have a person like you in my life.

— Sohail Kayani
Owner of Stellar Enterprise