online lead generationDecember 1, 2014

Improving Sales Through Advanced Online Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation is Simple for Local Business Owners When You Use Digital Media Cube

A business without a website is generally a business not serious about improving its sales numbers, typically generated by “leads” or the possibility of making sales to customers. Sales leads are also as old as the business of selling things to people. The rise of the Internet and the World Wide Web, including websites and web pages powered by the net, has also brought old-style lead generation to the digital world.

As a business marketing solutions firm, Digital Media Cube thoroughly understands the need to create an online pool of customer leads that could improve the potential for a business’ revenue. Studies show that in traditional sales, it takes about 100 leads, “contacts,” or interactions with a potential customer to produce a single sale. Some studies say that the ratio of lead contacts to sales is more like 1:1,000 or one-thousand leads contacted to create a sale.

The advent of the Internet, where a popular or well-known website may see hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors and contacts each month has changed the game when it comes to selling to prospects. Simply, a business and its website that is designed properly and maintained with the latest software versions as it would be by DMC can reach many more potential customers through online lead generation activities than a local business owner thought possible.

How Lead Generation for a Business Works

Generating a sales lead requires contact with potential customers. Traditional lead generation techniques in a sale environment involve mail-outs of flyers or other promotional materials, the cold-calling of potential clients, live events to attract customers and the like. With online marketing  gaining more attention from prospects searching for services, an effective website and making it popular among the potential client base is critical to your success.

For example, an auto parts business would want its website to display its wares in a way that’s both easy to view but also purchase.  Yet, an online website doesn’t just happen by accident, either. The stability and ease of loading, meaning a website that doesn’t crash or hang-up and also downloads to a mobile device or a computer rapidly and smoothly is particularly important to online lead generation.

There’s also one more component when it comes to what’s known as “e-commerce,” or business that’s carried out over the Internet, including locating potential customers, and then selling them something. This is known as search engine optimization. Basically, a website designed with SEO in mind is able to be easily found by potential, as well as existing, customers of a business because it ranks highly in all search engines, especially Google.

Digital Media Cube has well over 55 years of cumulative experience with its USA team, and we share some of our results through our education and training. In addition, DMC offers a free WordPress website with monthly SEO services. Clients rank well, fairly quickly, and leads come in month after month because of the optimization and continued, unique content.

Improving Online Lead Generation through SEO

WordPress is a highly popular website building template, and millions upon millions of businesses use it because it’s extremely stable and secure online. Digital Media Cube includes monthly maintenance and software updates so your business site is secure.  A very attractive facet of a WordPress-based website is that it can be completely optimized to enable it to climb the search engine rankings and, thus, appear near at the top of results pages.

The higher your company’s website ranks in search engine pages relevant to what it does, the more people will see it. This means local business owners get more leads than their competitors. Digital Media Cube, for instance, takes a WordPress-based website, designs it so that it’s very easy to find on the web by on all the major search engines. By using DMC services, a business’s website will rank at or near the top of a search engine’s results pages in a relatively short amount of time for its core services and/or products.

Studies have also shown that Internet users typically don’t scroll past the first page of search engine results. The ability to improve your company’s lead generation numbers depends on attaining a high ranking in all the important search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

In short, with a website highly optimized for search engines, your business has an outstanding chance of selling more products to more people than ever before. Generally,  a well-functioning, well-designed and highly helpful website means more people than ever before will find your business when they’re online and searching for information.

Businesses Must Exploit the Power of Google AdWords

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, also offers what is known as “AdWords.” This is a service that DMC offers and teaches companies to effectively use and improve their online advertising efforts. Google’s AdWords has actually helped turn several small companies into multimillion dollar a year powerhouses.

Millions of potential customers are now at a local company’s fingertips because of advanced online marketing strategies DMC teaches and offers s part of their “We Do it for You” services.

Teaching SEO techniques to clients is also important to the DMC mission. Digital Media Cube’s CEO believes that clients are best served when they’re taught how to carry out their web-based online lead generation and other sales activities as well as using their services. Give it a try today with their 7-Day Free Trial. You have nothing to lose—except more business!