September 10, 2015

Google 7-Pack to the 3-Pack to the Snack Pack

Online Marketing and SEO Strategies Have Changed

Make Sure Your Website Marketing Changes, too.

Over the past 11 years, the evolution of online marketing has changed dramatically. Back then, anyone could essentially put up a one-page website using Front Page and get ranked for a few core buying keywords in days.

When Google came online, the game changed “for better and for worse.” Today, however, Google has made it difficult to build technically solid sites on the back end without having to customize many facets so a site ranks well. Companies need experienced developers that only work with SEO experts who know the criteria Google demands.

Hiring the Best Web Design and SEO Company is Not Easy

Hiring a web development company usually means you retain the services of a company that does not really have an in-house SEO professional; but they will tell you otherwise. These companies go overseas to find the cheapest price on SEO services so they can make a profit month after month, while delivering low-quality and spammy SEO that will get your site hit by Google–if you rank at all. The web developers never do a single bit of work after it’s built and don’t want to know how to do advanced SEO practices because it is too time consuming. They want to “turn a quick buck” by putting up sites as fast as possible and move on to the next customer.

How can a small, medium or large company know “who” they get when hiring a reputable company? Questions. Ask A LOT of questions. Then, ask to see their RESULTS! Most web design and SEO companies out there today are not forthcoming with: 1) their time; 2) answers; and 3) “secret sauce.” They only show you results on a ridiculously easy-to-rank city and niche market.

Don’t Be Fooled by Easy Keywords Ranking on Page One

A business owner will usually be quite impressed when a website is ranking in the number one position for “cheap carpet installation in menifee california.” Don’t be fooled, because it’s a very long-tail keyword (any search-term string containing three or more keywords) that has very low search and click volume.

This means the carpet business will be lucky to get a few clicks per month for their business. You can’t rely on only two-to-three clicks to keep the doors open. Clicks do not mean conversions, either. Therefore, only a true SEO expert who uses the premium paid tools online and answers every single question you have and shows past results, as well as provide a business owner with email addresses of past and current clients they can contact is the answer to your perfect web design and SEO company.

When you find that company, like Digital Media Cube, our web team works hand-in-hand with the SEO expert to ensure the site is built to rank well. This rarely ever happens online today, which is why you may get a good-looking site, but it was not built with Google’s algorithm of SEO in mind.

Do You Know the Evolution of Google’s Local Business Listings and What’s Required to Get There?

Changes to meet Google’s core Local Business Listings criteria, which is now called Google My Business, are constantly evolving. Getting ranked in what was previously known as the 7-pack and 3-pack is now known as the “snack pack.” Having your business listed into the top three snack pack local results isn’t as easy as another company might tell you to get your business, and there is a lot that goes into getting you in the first 3 positions.

Every type of business has different criteria; for example, a lawyer is much more difficult to rank on page one than a mobile dog groomer. One size never fits all when it comes to any business. Research must be implemented and you should physically see this data via your own computer with a screen share/call at a minimum before deciding who to hire. DMC never charges for this research, data and time to help you make the most informed decision.

Open Your Mind to the Possibilities of More Business Than You Can Handle

Mindset about online marketing has changed, and some businesses understand it takes time to get in the top spots. Like a car, your website needs continousl management, content, links, social media, and interaction from certain social search engines. Saying, “we don’t do social media,” is no longer an option for the businesses who understand it’s mandatory now if you want to take the largest piece of business from your competitor.

A company who understands the criteria above will have an up-front and monthly management budget. Digital Media Cube works with companies who want their business to be treated extremely special–because they are to us.

If you want to be treated with respect and work with a CEO who has extensive experience getting results with a great team in the USA, call Adrienne DeVita for a free consultation and site analysis today at (858) 215-2572.

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