local online marketingNovember 17, 2014

Business Marketing is About More than Passing Around Flyers

Local Online Marketing Should Pay Close Attention to DMC

Marketing is vital to the success of almost every business, and it involves identifying and understanding your company’s customers and then giving them exactly what they want…and need. Advertising and promoting your business are two facets of a comprehensive business marketing program, of course. In the digital age where billions of people visit the World Wide Web to look at web pages and websites set up by businesses, the importance of widespread, as well as local online marketing, can’t be overemphasized.

When it comes to business marketing solutions in this new millennium, companies such as Digital Media Cube exist to help businesses stake out and grow a viable web presence by using a variety of techniques. The World Wide Web allows a small business in Ohio to be seen by Japanese Web users happening upon the business’ website.

But for many businesses, it’s often just as important, if not more so, to be well-known in the local community, where the “bread and butter” commerce and revenue is generated and earned. DMC also understands local online marketing and the Web solutions that can power it.

A Strong Local Web Presence Greatly Benefits Most Businesses

Any business needs to generate revenue to survive and thrive. The Internet is a powerful tool that can enable business marketing in a way not possible prior to the mid-1990s. The first step a business must take in order to succeed online is to leverage the power of the World Wide Web. Working with a quality website design firm is also a critical first step when setting up a website from which any number of marketing efforts can take place on both a global and local level.

In basic terms, when it comes to marketing a business online, the Internet itself powers something called the “World Wide Web,” not the “Local Only Web.” While most businesses should appeal to a broad potential customer base, they must also always act locally when trying to attract new business. Fortunately, Digital Media Cube offers an array of local online marketing services designed to power up any business’ operations.

Where Does Your Site Show Online for SEO and Geo-Targeting?

A local supermarket, for instance, will want to capture as many shoppers from the immediate customer area as possible, which is where DMC’s local business marketing services come into play. Did you know Google and Yelp show your site’s rankings (if you have an optimized site with great content every month) within a 14.5-mile radius from your physical address.

Many proprietors of local businesses, while eager to participate through online advertising usually don’t understand how to fully leverage the power of the Internet. Working with Digital Media Cube allows a local business owner who is new to this type of important advertising to immediately begin taking advantage of the low monthly investment education and website packages. This means local business owners can be online quickly and get more local customers without needing a bank loan!

Businesses Must Optimize Their Online Marketing Techniques to Thrive

Business marketing, including local online marketing, starts with figuring out just what sort of website should be established. Once the type of website is determined, a business can then move on to the process of creating or formatting it and putting it online.

Unfortunately very few business websites are actually found or located on the web when consumers are looking for their services and products because they don’t understand optimization is a requirement, not an “option.” Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the missing piece millions of sites lack online today.  Only websites with the RIGHT SEO are found and then displayed on a search engine such as Google, which is almost 70% of the search market and is vital to any website’s success.

The more visitors your company’s website receives, the greater chance your firm’s marketing efforts will succeed; therefore, the more likely increased revenue will result. Digital Media Cube works closely with companies with a custom-built selection of layouts that rank and convert better than many other WordPress layouts online today.

DMC then optimizes your hand-selected website, thus improving the ability to be ranked and seen more often by web users who search for products offered by your company.

A Business Should Also Focus on Improving Local Marketing

Local online marketing efforts of any business can be improved not only by excellent SEO work but also by creating a presence on various social media sites. Facebook and Twitter are good examples of the social media phenomenon, and they reach an amazing number of users. Any business able to catch the attention of even a tiny portion of visitors making use of social media, or viewing a video on the hyper-popular YouTube site, stands a good chance of increased success.

How DMC Assists in Local Marketing for Businesses

DMC offers clients a low initial investment for advanced education to help your business marketing efforts at a price of only $47 monthly. Other membership sites charge $397 for the same exact services.

Additional services provided by Digital Media Cube include search engine optimization and all manner of local online marketing analysis, advice and recommendations as well as assistance in implementing and then carrying them out.

For certain, the web in all its forms, whether appearing on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets or on computer laptop or desktop computers, is critical for your business’ revenue today. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, take advantage of this never-offered-before opportunity with Digital Media Cube.